Harry Potter: Butterbeer

Harry Potter Butterbeer
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Can't make it to a Harry Potter theme park soon enough? Bring home a cup of the magic with our Butterbeer recipe, which perfectly imitates the Butterbeer served at Universal. In a large container filled with ice, combine all Butterbeer ingredients and stir. This mixture is sweet, fizzy and smooth; butterscotch extract and dark rum combine with cream soda to create an addicting, delicious drink. Enjoy with or without a boozy whipped topping: Use a fork to combine the whipped topping, rum, vanilla extract and salt. Drop a tablespoon of whipped topping into the bottom of a goblet or beer stein, pour Butterbeer over top. The whipped topping will foam up and float to the top. Watch out for foamy mustaches!

2 liters cream soda 
1 oz butterscotch extract, we really liked Faeries Finest
½ teaspoon Vanilla NutButter Extract or Vanilla Extract
5 oz of Kraken Rum (substitute 3 oz dark rum and 2 oz of spiced rum if Kraken is unavailable)

16 oz whipped topping 
1 teaspoon dark rum
1 teaspoon Vanilla NutButter Extract or Vanilla Extract
1 teaspoon salt

One punch bowl

Make it a mocktail:
Want all the goodness of Butterbeer without the alcohol? Skip the Kraken and use a tablespoon of of rum extract in the drink itself, and a splash of rum extract in the whipped topping. You'll get all the richness and depth of flavor that rum provides without the booze.

Can't find Butterscotch Extract? Not to worry! Check out the original recipe, which makes use of much easier to find butter and rum extracts to achieve the flavor of butterscotch. 

Harry Potter

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