Legend of Zelda: Red Link

Warm, rich and velvety, Red Link is sure to light the fire for adventure within you. But before the fire, you must start with ice! Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and combine all ingredients. Shake 10 to 12 seconds, if the flavor is too sweet, it may not be cold enough. Return the drink to the ice filled shaker and shake again. Strain into a rocks glass with ice, and enjoy! While blackcurrant juice works best, you can substitute tart cherry juice if it proves too elusive for you. Which Link is your favorite, GreenBlue or Red?

1½ oz silver rum
1 oz triple sec
2 oz blackcurrant juice

To add fire:
If it's not hot enough for you, float 151 proof rum and and set this drink ablaze! Please use the proper precautions, and never try to consume a drink while it is on fire!

1 drink

Triforce Heroes

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