Harry Potter: Patronus Punch

Photo courtesy of Pinguino, @Pinguino
It bubbles, it smokes and it glows! This ethereal, sweet, slightly tart punch is a perfect centerpiece for any Harry Potter party. See this magical brew in action here. Muddle (crush) the mint in the bottom of a large punch bowl to release its flavors. Combine remaining ingredients the punch bowl, stir enough to combine. Remove the mint, ladle into glasses and enjoy. Make sure you focus on your happiest memory and whisper 'Expecto Patronum' as you peer into the smoke; see if your patronus takes shape! This punch is the perfect counter to our Dementor shot.

1 can frozen limeade concentrate1 liter tonic water
2 liter lemon lime soda
Fresh mint
1½ cup vodka
A BLB black light (we used this one)

1 large punch bowl

To add dry ice:
Dry ice makes this drink even more magical, but the proper precautions must be used! This must be served in a glass bowl, as the dry ice can crack a plastic bowl. While dry ice is perfectly safe in the punch bowl, you must ensure that none of your guests consume dry ice. It can burn the skin after only a few seconds of contact, and is dangerous when ingested. Do not add large blocks of dry ice to the drink, as it can freeze your punch solid! You should not serve drinks with dry ice unless you are ready and willing to babysit the punch bowl for as long as it takes for the last of the dry ice to melt.

Enjoy all of the magic of this punch without the adult edge by simply skipping the vodka.

To make an ice ring:
Don't have access to a black light or dry ice? Substitute the glowing liquid or smoke for glowing animals! Fill the bottom few inches of a bunt pan with limeade and lemon lime soda. Stand glow in the dark animals in the ring, then freeze overnight. Add the ice ring just prior to serving the punch, turn out the lights and enjoy!

Harry Potter

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