Star Wars: Red Lightsaber

Embrace the Dark Side, you know you want to. This dimly glowing fluorescent shot will fill you with enough warm, dark energy and power to organize the construction of a Death Star, single-handedly crush the puny Rebel Alliance, or to power through a Star Wars marathon. Chill all ingredients before serving. Combine all ingredients into a shot glass or test tube and drink under a black light. Which color lightsaber do you wield, greenred or blue?

1oz Rockstar Punched
1oz vodka
splash of cinnamon schnapps
Test tubes for a saber-shaped drinks (we used these)
A BLB black light (we used this one)

1 2oz shot

This drink was designed to be viewed under a black light, and needs no additives when enjoyed that way. We at the Drunken Fandom believe that the best drinks are made with careful mixing and not by simply adding food coloring. That said, you do not plan to use a black light to unlock the hidden maroon glow waiting inside this drink, you should add a drop of red food coloring while prepping your shots.

Star Wars

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