The X-Files: Mulder

Mulder, Shiner Bock and a Sunflower Seed Shot

Celebrate the return of The X-Files with our Sunflower Seed shot, which pairs perfectly with Agent Fox Mulder's favorite beer, Shiner Bock. This smooth, mild shot is the perfect sipping material for those who still want to believe. Chill beer ahead of time. Salt the rim of a 2 ounce shot glass, add a the elderflower liqueur, tequila and bitters. Top with Sunny D, or any orange juice, and enjoy the salty and mildly sweet flavor between ships of Shiner. Mulder and Scully are back on the case and the truth is still out there; it may even be waiting at the bottom of your bottle.

1 bottle Shiner Bock Beer

Sunflower Seed Shot:
Splash elderflower liqueur
1½oz silver tequila
Dash of orange bitters
approximately ½oz Sunny D
Margarita salt

One beer and one 2oz shot

The X-Files
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