Marvel: Deadpool

The Deadpool Cocktail
What better way to celebrate Wade Wilson, AKA Captain Deadpool, than with the combination of clams and cock juice? That's right, this cocktail, inspired by the classic Bloody Cesar, features both a deliciously weird and wacky flavor as well as sexual humor. Chill Clamato and vodka before hand, salt the rim of a rocks glass with celery salt. Pour your bloody clam sauce (that's Clamato!) into a glass, and carefully insert your rooster juice (that's Sriracha!). Stir well to make a baby combine, then add vodka, lime juice and black pepper. Stir briefly. Now it's time to put balls in holes. Add two black olives to make the classic Deadpool mask, and further garnish with a lime wheel or wedge. You can even spear his head with a celery stalk. Go ahead. He won't mind. Be careful not to spill while you enjoy, but as you're undoubtedly already wearing your red shirt, you'll be fine.

4 oz Clamato juice*
½ teaspoon Sriracha sauce
2 oz vodka
¼ lime, juiced
Dash of freshly ground black pepper
Cucumber salt
Black olives for garnish
Lime wheel or wedge for garnish (optional)
Celery stalk for garnish (optional)

To make sure no one gets hurt, we want to point out that those with a shellfish allergy should not consume Clamato juice. You can substitute with any tomato juice; we like V8 Spicy Hot, but if you use a spicy blend, you may want to tone down Sriracha to ¼ a teaspoon or so.

1 drink


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