Marvel: Matt Murdock

Save the green food coloring this St Patrick's Day and celebrate with a delicious Irish cocktail, dedicated to one of our Irish American heroes. Daredevil by night, where he fights bad guys with bloody knuckles,  lawyer by day, where he battles the prosecution attorneys with words and facts, Matt Murdock carries a heavy burden. This Irish Mule, an emerald aisle twist on the classic Moscow Mule, will give you the internal fire to power thorough any challenge, along with a blast of refreshing ginger to help you marathon your way through the second season of Daredevil. Squeeze lime into a chilled copper mug along with mint, Jameson and ice. If you do not have a copper mug, use a chilled rocks glass. Top with ginger beer, stir briefly to combine and enjoy!

2 oz Jameson or other Irish whisky
¼ of a lime
3 oz ginger beer
Sprig of fresh mint

1 drink


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I haven't had a chance to drink this but Holy Heck I have been trying to find a Matt inspired drink and I can't wait to try this.