Overwatch: Ganymede

Bright, sweet and full of all the flavors of nature, treat yourself to a cup of happiness with our Overwatch inspired Ganymede cocktail. Like any good nest, it might take a little time to put together, but we promise it will be worth your while! Ahead of time, combine sugar, water and a rosemary stalk in a small sauce pan and heat until simmering. Stir until sugar has dissolved and the rosemary has infused the simple syrup. Strain out the rosemary, then place your rosemary simple syrup and an up glass or two in the freezer to chill. When it's cocktail hour, place mint leaves in shaker and muddle (crush) to release oils. Combine 1 oz of rosemary simple syrup, vodka or gin and lemon juice in a shaker with ice and shake until very cold. Pour a splash of club soda into a chilled up glass, then pour your shaker ingredients through a mesh strainer into your chilled up glass. Garnish by stripping an inch of leaves off a rosemary sprig, bending lemon peel into a C shape, and piercing the peel with the rosemary sprig. Sip and don't be surprised if this delightfully sweet and herbal drink brings a song to your lips!

1 oz water
1 oz sugar
2 stalks rosemary
4-6 mint leaves
2 oz vodka or gin
1 oz lemon juice
Splash of club soda
Lemon peel for garnish

Make it a Mocktail:
Keeping an eye on giant robot friends is hard work. Keep a clear head by skipping the vodka, and adding two shots of club soda to your glass. Sweet and fizzy, this alcohol-free version will give your tongue a blast of flavor without the vodka buzz.

1 cocktail


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