Stranger Things: Eggo Waffle Cocktail

Stranger Things Eggo Waffle Cocktail
Sometimes you just need an Eggo waffle. We understand, and don't think that waffles should be confined to breakfast. Toasty waffles pair perfectly with this bourbon-maple cocktail, inspired by the monstrous obsession of 11. Prepare an Eggo waffle--or even better, an Eggo Mini waffle, according to package direction. While the waffle toasts, combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously until cold and strain into an up glass. Cut your waffle into fourths, if using a full sized waffle, and cut a slit into one side to garnish your drink with. If using Eggo Mini waffles, cut a sit into one Mini waffle, and use to garnish. Don't be afraid to finish the whole box as you alternate bites of waffle with sips of the full, rich, sweet flavor of bourbon and maple syrup. Consuming this treat while in the woods is, of course, completely optional.

1½ oz bourbon, the smokier the better!
½ oz cinnamon schnapps
1 oz maple syrup
dash vanilla extract

1 cocktail

Stranger Things

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