Mario: Princess Peach

The Princess Peach Pink Lemonade Cocktail
She's sweet, she's bubbly and she's pink, but don't be fooled; this princess isn't in another castle, and she's more than capable of putting you under the table. This drink combines the bright flavors of peach and lemonade along with a burst of bubbly champaign goodness in one delightful cocktail. In a shaker with ice, combine pink lemonade and peach vodka or schnapps. (We prefer peach vodka as it has a cleaner taste and caused fewer next-day headaches) Shake until very cold and strain. Crown it with a splash of sparkling wine and a lemon peal cut into a tiara, and get ready for a good, old fashioned kidnapping or an intense round of brawling, your preference.

If you prefer easy mode, or can't find pink lemonade vodka, you can use your favorite brand of regular, non-alcoholic pink lemonade. You may need to add a little more pink lemonade to balance out the peach alcohol, which has a habit of being overpowering. Refreshing and sweet as a peck on the cheek, this Princess Peach cocktail is sure to lift your spirits and steal your heart.

To Make:
2½ oz pink lemonade vodka (substitute pink lemonade)
¾ oz peach vodka or peach schnapps
Splash of sparkling wine
Lemon peal for garnish

1 cocktail

Super Mario Odyssey / Smash Bros / Super Mario Run

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