Mario: Princess Daisy

The Princess Daisy Cocktail
Bright, light and energetic, there's no better way to appease both your sweet tooth and your inner tomboy than with our Mario inspired Princess Daisy cocktail! Don't underestimate her, this citrusy, bubbly cocktail goes down smooth, but is shockingly strong. Chill orange soda and sparkling wine ahead of time. Shake orange vodka in a shaker with ice until very cold. Strain into an up glass and crown it with orange soda, a splash of sparkling wine and a lemon or orange peal cut into a tiara, and enjoy.

To Make:
1½ oz citrus vodka
1½ oz orange soda (we used Sanpellegrino's Blood Orange)
Splash of sparkling wine
Lemon or orange peal for garnish

Make it a Mocktail

If you prefer a refreshing, fizzy beverage without the booze, simply skip the vodka and double up your favorite brand of orange soda. Crown with a sparking grape soda and enjoy! Light and refreshing, Daisy provides the perfect flavor combination after playing sports on a hot summer day

1 cocktail

Mario Kart 8 / Smash Bros

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